A powerful factor for the rapid growth of invest.companies

In the current situation, it makes sense to look at the historically successful cases of companies that grew quickly in the face of a "perfect storm".And there are several such cases that can be briefly mentioned. First, you are out of work. And having lost your job, you are quickly finding another one.Then there are people who have lost both their jobs and their salaries. And there are also those who have not lost their businesses and have not lost their customers.A series of extremely tough decisions has begun for each of us — to find a new job, to improve your financial situation, to try to survive the "quarantine" and to try to return to work.For the economy continues to deteriorate into a recession. And the global financial crisis that has begun has come to us for a long time. And it's not China that is to blame for all the problems. It's America's fault! The coronavirus has exposed the yawning chasm that no one has yet been able to bridge. And the whole world is to blame for the consequences of the crisis that has begun. In this article, we will continue our conversation about what can help us all prepare for a new financial crisis.What is guaranteed to happen in the near future:1) the population will begin to drastically reduce their consumption of oil and other natural resources. No wonder they are worried! 2) Our economy has entered a prolonged recession. It is unlikely that during the period of the epidemic the global economy as a whole will recover. After all, no one in the developed world has been spared the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 virus. 3) No one in the world will be able to survive the "quarantine" and return to work.Because no one will make money on the crisis.No matter how much oil or financial instruments are in your account.4) When the crisis finally ends, millions of companies will be "left with nothing".They will be forced to lay off staff and close their operations. They will be forced to accept a dramatically reduced profit.And so it will continue until the "right" moment arrives — the point when you need it all to start working again.5) If you have savings, be sure to keep them on Deposit (for example, 10-20% of your salary).And not just in a "financial cushion" — in the form of cash, bonds, and other financial instruments.Because a person who has completely lost his income will not want to take loans (because this is the only way to save money).6) the Bank Deposit rate will be Low. And so far, so good.But soon it will rise to high levels.And sooner or later it will start to "float" down. Because the longer we wait, the worse the crisis

Why do some people always have money and others don't?

Everyone wants to be rich and independent.And this is a very good and good thing. And quite often, in fact, it is a guarantee of fin...